Michael Douglas

Billy Shears, 180 Degrees News

Men around the world have come out in support of Michael Douglas’s brave stand and enlightenment that his throat cancer was caused by orally pleasuring the ladies rather than his decades of tobacco and alcohol abuse.

Jim Smith a civil engineer from Bristol says, ‘Angelina Jolie has taken a lot of credit for cancer awareness by simply getting her fun bags removed. What about Michael Douglas’s emotional torment of having to forego worshiping at his loved one’s hairy altar to head off the threat of cancer reoccurrence?

Michael has given me strength now to say no to my wife. That’s it for me. No more masterful tongue fumbling on my wife’s downstairs area. I really loved it too, what man doesn’t? That warm salty stench. But I have to think of my health, my wife and family and stay strong in my resolve to refrain, no matter how difficult it is for me to resist doing it. From now on in the bedroom I will just have to sacrifice my own pleasure, lay back, close my eyes, think of nurses’ uniforms and let my wife do everything’.

Mark Hastings, an Accountant from London is clearly inspired by this new medical illumination, ‘Really a narrow escape for all us men. It is great to finally get accurate information on carcinogens from such an eminent thespian such as Mr Douglas. His father was brilliant in Spartacus, made me want to both cry and rise up and kill my teacher the first time I saw it.

Now with this clear guidance from Michael, we men can focus on spending time on harmless pursuits championed by Michael like chain smoking and excessive drinking and avoid the few minutes we spend each month performing extremely dangerous foreplay on our wives. I would be very interested to hear Michael’s expert medical diagnosis on the risks of house work and shopping on men’s health also. I have serious health concerns about those and also about putting the toilet seat down.’

To get the female viewpoint, we ask Margaret Simmons, a shopkeeper from Cardiff what she thinks of Michael Douglas’s revelation? She replies, ‘If oral sex causes cancer why aren’t all carpet munching lezzers riddled with it? Also I notice Michael didn’t mention any negative aspects regarding women doing down on men.

I think Catherine Zeta Jones should blame gentleman juice for her bipolar disorder and Michael should be kicked out of the bedroom onto the couch so he can take out his sex addition on his hand for the next few years. After that the randy old wrinkly necked chancer may think again before he talks complete and utter shit and he would probably have a right arm like a young Schwarzenegger’.


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