If you see a dark child with blonde parent - call the police

Billy Shears, 180 Degrees News

In the Swedish town of Umea, neighbours of the blonde couple, Sven and Michela Gunner were always suspicious of the dark haired, brown eyed, brown skinned baby girl, because the parents were both blue eyed blondes.

Neighbour Agneta states ‘After we heard about the Roma gypsies with blonde children, we put two and two together and thought about the blonde couple with this dark child next door, and immediately called the police’.

Swedish police arrived, broke down the door and rescued the dark skinned child. She is currently undergoing psychological and physical assessment.

Sven and Michela are in custody and undergoing intense interrogation.

Sven has made a statement stating, ‘Why such a reaction to seeing a dark baby with blonde parents? Some people were spitting on us in the street. Would dark parents with a cute blonde baby generate so much outrage, treated as if they are guilty immediately without listening to their side of the story? Just making assumptions that the child was stolen without a full investigation and throwing the parents in jail with newspapers immediately printing sensational headlines about these dark coloured parents being child stealers before the full facts are known?’

When asked how Sven could possibly account for the fact that Michela and him have a dark baby, he states, ‘I don’t know how it happened. Michela went to Gambia to build schools for orphans for a few weeks. When she came back she was very happy but for a few days found it painful to sit down. Then about 9 months later our little princess was born. We had been trying for 10 years, so it is a miracle. One of those amazing idiosyncrasies of mother nature.

Why is the media so interested in us and our dark child? Are they trying to appeal to a black audience that they believe deep down fear that blonde folks like us will grab their dark children at the first opportunity? Surely people are not so prejudice against blonde white folks to think such a thing and jump to conclusions so quickly?’

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