March 29, 2023

Cornell University has conducted an extensive review and impact assessment of the most and least effective ways to get rich quickly, looking into everything from becoming a stockbroker, an internet entrepreneur, or a CEO of a successful multinational company. What came out on top as the best way to get rich quickly is writing and publishing catchy titled get rich quick style books targeted at people hopelessly stuck in poverty traps, especially in developing countries.

Professor Dan Curtis of Cornell University, ‘Who would have thought that selling gets rich quick books is actually the best way to get rich quick! It never mentions this within the pages of the get-rich-quick books themselves. Maybe they should be re-titled ‘ Get the author and publisher rich quick’.

On studying a range of these publications, the contents sound good but don’t actually tell you anything practically useful, just common sense rhetoric packaged in jargon, acronyms that spell out words, and annoying metaphors. A recurring ingredient in many of these books is trying to link the get rich quick philosophy with Christian values, which is quite odd because Jesus liked to hang out with the poor and despised greed. But the common denominator is that both the get rich quick books and religion appeal to those who are getting the shit end of the stick in life and want a golden ticket out of their situation.

For poor people, US$9.99 might be a lot of money to spend, and this certainly adds up to a hefty profit for the author and publisher of the book. Writing get rich quick books is definitely a great way to redistribute wealth, that is distributing what little wealth the poor and desperate have to spare, to wealthy authors and publishers.

A good thing that has come out of this study personally for me, is that I have been able to use the results from the study to write my own publication entitled, ‘How to get rich quick by writing how to get rich quick books’. It is only US$8.99 on Amazon, and definitely a bargain considering how rich it will make the reader very quickly. However if this book sells well, and others try to copy the topic and flood the market with similar titles, I will be one step ahead of them by taking it to the next level with another book entitled, ‘How to get rich quick by writing books about how to write get rich quick books’.

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