March 29, 2023

Stan Whiteman of the far-right organization Britain Over All and advocate for compulsory poppy wearing on Remembrance Sunday states, ‘ Many young men went to fight in World War 1 and 2 with terrible sacrifices so that we in this great country could have freedom, tolerance, democracy, individualism, and liberalism against the opposing forces of fascism, conformity and intolerance.

In Britain, Over All, we think the least we can do to respect the great sacrifices made in the World Wars is to show no tolerance to anyone not wearing a red poppy, as this would be an insult to all those who died to provide the individual freedoms we enjoy today.

We think that it should be compulsory for people to wear poppies, not only on Remembrance Sunday, but all year round, and that anyone that doesn’t should be publicly vilified.  If they still refuse to wear a poppy then they should be forced to have a special mark on their clothes, maybe a yellow star or something like that. Also, we think that we should create a new anthem to celebrate what people fought for in the World Wars, maybe something entitled ‘Britain Over All’ which would invigorate people to put the nation before the individual and restore much-needed pride and racial superiority.

At Britain Over All, we think it would be a national disgrace if this great nation was to forget what all those brave young men were actually fighting for and against in the World Wars, especially when it is called Remembrance Sunday. So lest we forget, Britain Over All and all other far-right organizations are here to remind people what the fight was for and against.’

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