March 29, 2023

Emma from Essex, UK, shares her frustration. ‘I posted this really nice pic of myself drinking champagne on a ski trip a couple of months back, and only got 18 likes. Can you believe it? The chalet alone cost me almost 500 quid.

Then I heard about this terrorist attack in Belgium and thought how sad, then yippee, here is my chance to show empathy, how caring I am, blah blah, and most importantly an opportunity to re-post my ski picture with an attractive flag filter to fish for more likes. I searched the Internet to look for the flag of Belgium, and I couldn’t believe it, it has black in it. Black! How can I use a black filter to attractively recycle a snowy picture?’

Julie from Brighton is also ‘devastated’ by a terrorist attack on a country with unappealing national flag colors. ‘I just loved the colorful gay rainbow and the vibrant French flag filters. To show deep solidarity with the horrific way the terrorist victims in Paris died I used the French flag filter on a recycled profile pic of me wearing a smoking hot corset bra top. It framed the photo so nicely, really enhanced it, so sexy.

But Belgium! Come on ISIS, you got to be kidding me? Black is such a downer and yellow makes me look like I have jaundice. Then I searched if there was anything else cool from there, that I could use as a filter, an equivalent to the Eiffel Tower. But all they have is this thingy with metallic silver balls which looks like a crappy spaceship from Doctor Who.’

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