March 29, 2023

With the British General Election coming up on June 8th, 180 degrees news thought it would be important to help clarify political stances for voters and other interested parties from a Scottish perspective, as there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what this election is actually about north of the border. So here goes…

The SNP Scottish government isn’t Unionists.  However, they want the European Union, but not the union of the United Kingdom.

The Conservative British government is Unionists. However, they don’t want the European Union but do want the union of the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Theresa May campaigned against BREXIT as she thought it would harm Britain but now wants voters to support her in her new conviction that BREXIT is the best thing for Britain since Winston Churchill.

The SNP want a second independence referendum but their candidates only want to talk about their policies, as they realize many Scottish people are getting tired of elections.

The Scottish Conservative candidates are spending all their time talking about not wanting a second independence referendum because they realize that Scottish people are getting tired of their policies.

The Liberal Democrats say voting for them will be a clear vote for democracy so they promise to allow the British people a second vote on BREXIT to try to get it right a second time. On the other hand, they want to deny the Scottish people a second vote on Scottish Independence, in case they get it wrong second time.

The British Labour party have cut and paste into their manifesto what the SNP Scottish government already largely provide, so not much added value for Scotland, well except for adding in renewing Trident (at a cost of £110 billion) which is conveniently based in Scotland. Would they still want it so badly if it was based on the Thames?

Amid all this complexity voters in Scotland must use clear headed logic in making up their minds on who to vote for. When it boils down to it, it is essentially a choice between the SNP  or the Conservatives – a two horse race.  You will be voting to be either overwhelmed by foodbanks (if you vote Conservative) or to be overwhelmed by foxes( if you vote SNP). But remember foodbanks will not be of much use to you if your house is under siege by foxes. Only the strong and stable Conservative party will tackle this fundamental threat head on by lifting the fox hunting ban.

I hope this clarifies everything. Vote well and Tally-ho!

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