March 29, 2023

If there is a science skills gap in terms of qualified female scientists, meteorology is bucking the trend with women overwhelmingly dominating TV weather forecasts internationally. Billy Shears of 180 Degrees News investigated the amazing coincidence of the high proportion of those on TV with expertise in meteorology that also happens to be aesthetically appealing women.

Six feet tall weather girl Natasha (body measurements 36D-24-36) says she got into meteorology as a child, ‘I bought my first barometer when I was 9 years old, but what really floated my boat was the triangulation between the different sets of measuring instruments to predict the weather, you know, thermometer, barometer, anemometer, and hygrometer. My personal favorite is the ceilometer, which of course estimates the cloud ceiling limit. I simply couldn’t survive without my ceilometer.

It does seem to be a strange coincidence that more attractive cheerleader-type girls disproportionately have the aptitude for meteorology and thus present the weather on television in many countries around the world. But the primary thing we have in common is a deep intellectual dedication to advancing the efficacy of the science of meteorology and getting that message across to a wide audience through wearing tightly fitting outfits whilst showing a frequent side profile, combined with exaggerated hand gestures and seductive hair flicking at the camera’.

Kevin, 19, who is currently looking for the best course to take at university where he has the most chance of ‘scoring with hot chicks’, thinks that it’s a ‘no brainer’ to study meteorology. Kevin says, ‘I have travelled quite a lot in Europe and elsewhere, and when you switch on the TV to watch the weather, it is like watching babe station, but with a slightly distracting weather map behind them. What other profession can possibly boast such a high proportion of smokin hot bods as meteorology? Accountants? Physicists? Architects? I don’t think so. The only downside is that before university classes I will need to take cold showers to stop the mercury rising in my love barometer, if you know what I mean.’

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