Toilets of Ethiopia calender 181117

By Billy Shears, 180 Degrees News

At this time of year, people start to turn their attention to finding the ideal Christmas gift, something that will be unique, educational and memorable. To save you all trouble, Billy Shears has scoured the known universe for the best gift available and has found it….’Cuisine and latrines of rural Ethiopia – Calendar 2018′. This ideal gift for friends and foes alike takes the viewer through the months on a progressively more ‘interesting’ pictorial and descriptive journey into the culinary ins and outs, food and toilets, of this unique country.  Not politically correct, but probably the most unusual calendar on the market. What a delight it would be to watch an officemate or even your boss open this in Secret Santa.

So look no further, you have found it, this is a must have gift for Christmas 2017. It can be purchased on the following link. Enjoy – but not at meal time! Especially not the month of December!!


*Note that the publisher Lulu informs us that standard delivery orders in the UK should be placed before the 5th of December to have guaranteed delivery before Christmas. For other countries check what it says on their website or contact Lulu directly to find out.

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