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By Billy Shears, 180 Degrees News

In response to the recent anti-Jewish mural controversy, the British labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has penned his 47th public apology note in seven days; ‘I wholeheartedly apologise for not objecting to a mural I glanced at a few years ago and for not rooting out anti-Semites in my party, which I will now do. I got into politics because of my anti-racist views and have consistently spoke up against the persecution of all peoples, Jews, Palestinians, Irish, Blacks, working class, etc etc. but I will try harder to make sure the Labour party practices what it preaches and will have zero tolerance for any racism within its ranks. Today I met with a Jewish group and asked for their advice on how to better tackle antisemitism and I have learnt a lot and will take in on board’.

In response to The Labour leader’s remarks a spokesperson for the pro-Israeli Zionist Freedom Lobby Group in London states ‘We are still hugely outraged at British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn saying he liked a mural with offensive stereotypical Jewish characteristics. It really hurt our feelings that he condoned a racist mural but what hurts us more is that he still continues to object to Israeli policies against the Palestinians and also that he met with the wrong Jews today, the ones that don’t agree with Israeli government policy.

Racism/antisemitism, have no place in modern day politics in Britain, just as there is no place for Palestinians in Israel. You think you have good anti-Jewish murals in the UK, wait until you see the murals, T-shirts and things our politicians in Israel say about Palestinians. I realise that some may find that a hypocrisy, that a persecuted people will persecute another people, but you can’t criticise a cat that was previously bitten by a dog for scratching a mouse.

Jeremy Corbyn says he wants an impartial commission set up to investigate the defensive Israeli military policy of protecting the Israeli border with live ammunition from highly dangerous Palestinian youths armed with stones and aggressively fluttering Palestinian flags. Reading between the lines what he is actually saying is that he condones or denies what happened in Auschwitz.

Saying anything against Zionism or Israeli government policy, must always be conflated with antisemitism. Being against Zionism and antisemitism are basically the same thing but completely different, Zionism is racist against the Palestinians whereas anti-semitism is racist against the Jews. But let’s not get bogged down in semantics, instead let’s keep it simple – Jeremy Corbyn must go. If he becomes Prime-minister he is a danger to the British Government’s unequivocal support for Israel government policy. His character, like the unarmed Palestinian youths, must continue to be assassinated.’




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