Pogoing whilst BREXIT burns Britain? Or was is proroguing?

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to order Parliament to start pogoing in a bid to ‘shake things up and allow the energy of made in Britain punk anarchy get the BREXIT no-deal over the line, instead of the boring checks and balances of parliamentary democracy that will undoubtedly hold things up. This is all about taking back control from those unelected boring Eurocrats. Can they even pogo to Kraftwork? I don’t think so.

Lets show them the Dunkirk spirit by having a cross party mosh pit in the House, much better than letting boring doom and gloom facts get in the way of BREXIT and a trade deal with the U.S.A that will see the NHS liberated through free market economics. What can show that BREXIT means BREXIT more than taking back control from Brussels to our British Parliament and then using a pretext to suspend that very Parliament, so that an unelected Prime Minister can get a no deal BREXIT over the line?’.

Opposition and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded with incredulity, ‘I haven’t pogoed since 1977, I’m not sure I have the stamina for it now, maybe a bit of a ska shuffle kind of thing, but not a full on pushing and shoving pogo. I do however like Dexys Midnight Runners, if Bercow puts on Come on Eileen I could maybe slip on some dungarees and muster a jump or two during the chorus’.

The Queen has responded to the request by saying that, ‘We are delighted to instruct parliament to start pogoing, especially if they play the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen, which we secretly always liked. We also like anything that keeps randy Andy off the front pages of the Newspapers, he has been a very naughty boy’.

Donald Trump has chipped in his support for pogoing by saying that, ‘I am a tremendous pogoist, amazing, the best. I invented punk. I am the greatest punk. I’m better than a sex pistol, I’m a sex bazooka.

I think it is tremendous that decisions will be handed over to the Queen, a terrific lady, if she had been 60 years younger I would have asked her out. She must have had a great rack.

I love the pogo idea to shut down parliament and hand over power to the Royals. I hope the Prince of Whales gets involved too. I actually want to talk to him about an amazing plan I have to stop sea levels rising. No need for so called experts, its simple. Just extract so many whales each year to counteract the sea rise. Also think about the millions of plankton that will save?

You see ideas like this could fly if we could get rid of Parliament and the House of Representatives that keep blocking visionary strategies. Boris and me could do great things together, tremendous things. Democracy is so overrated, it allows pesky elected representatives get in the way of great leaders’.

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