March 29, 2023
President Joe Biden on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Biden on Jimmy Kimmel – Republicans Bullied By The Gun Lobby


Los Angeles June 8 – During his first in-person appearance on a late-night talk show, United States President Joe Biden blamed the lack of any progress on gun safety on the intimidation by the gun lobby. He also called on voters to make it a deciding issue come November. Biden’s appearance was on Wednesday.

Biden said to Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night talk show host, “if they vote for a rational gun policy, they’re going to be primaried.” The National Rifle Association has bullied Republicans into thinking this.

Biden, a Democrat, stated that he is considering issuing additional executive orders. But that he does not intend to imitate his predecessor’s use of the non-legislative strategy, which he referred to as an “abuse of power.” “misconduct with regard to the constitution.”

Biden will have the opportunity to humanize himself with voters and get his message across to millions of people when he appears on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on ABC. Jimmy Kimmel is a late-night host who has discussed weighty issues such as the state of health care in the United States and the crisis of mass shootings.

Concerns about high gas and energy prices, shortages of baby formula, and the lack of progress on several legislative fronts, such as voting rights, abortion rights, and gun safety, have been contributing factors to the low poll ratings that Biden has received. This has been frustrating for Biden. In the coming weeks, his advisors hope to retool their messaging in order to focus on the positive aspects of the economy, such as the growth of jobs and wages and they hope to do this by focusing on these aspects.

Biden was quoted as saying, “Inflation is the bane of our existence.”

In addition to this, he criticized the major oil company in the United States, Exxon Mobil (XOM.N), for making enormous profits but failing to drill new wells or refine more gasoline in favor of buying back its own stock.

“I mean, it’s just ass – excuse me – it’s backwards, and it’s not even funny,” Biden said.

Kimmel gave Biden a mild rebuke for his unwavering optimism despite the limited progress that has been made on the legislative agenda issues that he prioritizes. He asked how Biden could play “Monopoly” by the rules with his competitors, the Republicans, who don’t.

In a lighthearted moment, President Biden joked, “We’ve got to send them to jail,” making a reference to one of the consequences in the”Monopoly” board game.

In contrast to former President Donald Trump, who rarely appeared on late-night television shows while in office. While former President Barack Obama was a frequent guest on these programs during his tenure as president.

However, Biden’s first in-studio late-night appearance will be this coming Wednesday, following the pandemic-era Zoom interviews with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.

Before becoming the host of his own late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel built his reputation as a raunchy personality on “The Man Show,” which aired on Comedy Central. Kimmel has never been reluctant to use his platform to discuss social issues with a personal slant.

After the birth of his son, who was born with a severe heart issue, Kimmel spoke out passionately about the debate surrounding the nation’s health care system. After the mass shooting that took place in his hometown of Las Vegas in 2017, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of sixty people, Kimmel also shed tears.

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