March 29, 2023

Tolland Board of Education’s annual council meeting will be staged electronically.

Tolland Board of Education
Tolland’s annual joint school board and council meeting will be staged electronically.

TOLLAND, Conn.: Toland, The Tolland Town Council, and the Tolland Board of Education will get together on Thursday for their annual joint budget meeting.

The hybrid meeting by the Tolland Board of Education is going to take place as a Zoom call, and it is set to begin at 7 o’clock tonight.

The town manager of Tolland is required to call and attend a joint meeting of the council and the school board “for the purpose of discussing the appropriation request of the Board of Education and an explanation of the budget process by the town manager,” in accordance with the terms of the town Charter.

On the agenda are a few different things, including:

  • The Tolland Board of Education gave the budget presentation
  • Recommendations and proposals to the school board regarding the “consolidation of non-education services and cost savings.”
  • A time limit of two minutes will be placed on questions from the audience. Questions need to be relevant to the budget of the board of education, and the town council chairman will direct them to the proper organization.
  • Petitions and queries directed toward the school board by council members, specifically pertaining to the BOE Budget

The following is the link that residents can use to join the Zoom link:…

Residents also have the option to call in at 1-646-876-9923 and provide the following information: Having a Meeting ID of 814 3455 4867.

The meeting would be attended by the following members-

  • Jennifer Gallichant Democrat – Communications Committee Chair, Negotiations Committee
  • Christine Griffin, Republican – Finance and Facilities Committee Chair, Negotiations Committee
  • Tony Holt, Republican – Policy Committee Chair Finance and Facilities Committee, Mental Health Task Force
  • Ashley Lundgren, Republican- Board of Education Chair
  • Jacob Marie, Republican – Board of Education Secretary, Curriculum Committee Chair, Finance, and Facilities Committee, Mental Health Task Force
  • Dana Philbin, Democrat – Finance, and Facilities Committee
  •  Covid Committee, BGP Building Committee Liaison
  • Christina Plourd, Republican – Negotiations-Chair, Curriculum Committee, Policy Committee, Covid Committee
  • Jayden Regisford, Democrat – Curriculum Committee, Mental Health Task Force
  • Sophia Shaikh, Democrat – Board of Education Vice-Chair, Communications Committee, Policy Committee

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