January 31, 2023

Czech supermarkets get flooded with a ton of cocaine, Czech police are investigating for more establishments along the same delivery route and communicating with their international counterparts about a cargo from Central America.

Czech supermarkets get flooded
Employees at a store discovered the moulded cocaine cubes in banana packaging. Czech Police Photograph


Employees at a Czech supermarket discovered a ton, 2200 lbs (998 kg) of cocaine worth 2 billion Czech crowns ($85 million) hidden inside cartons of bananas sent to the business.

The package, which was delivered to supermarkets in the northern towns of Jicin and Rychnov nad Kneznou, is thought to have been delivered by mistake.

On Friday, a record amount of cocaine came in moulded cocaine cubes, estimated to be worth more on the street.

The cocaine is likely to have originated in Central America, according to Jakub Frydrych, the chief of the police anti-narcotics section, who spoke on a Czech public radio station. Police are currently investigating the case in collaboration with counterparts in unspecified nations, while also seeking for additional retailers in the country that received boxes from the same cargo.

Czech police released photographs of the seized cocaine on Twitter, saying, “The information about the cargo links outside the Czech Republic, thus we will employ international police and legal cooperation.”

Czech supermarkets get flooded with Cocaine
Cocaine cubes were transported to a supermarket in the Czech Republic. Czech Police Photograph

100kg of cocaine was discovered at a Czech supermarket in Prague in 2015, while Czech police seized 117kg of cocaine in a warehouse north of the city in 1999.

This week, police in Trieste, Italy’s north-eastern region, confiscated 4.3 tonnes of cocaine worth about £250 million euros (£214 million) on the black market. The seizure, one of Europe’s largest ever, was the result of a collaboration between Italian financial police, anti-mafia investigators, and U. Homeland Security, and is said to have delivered a significant blow to Colombia’s famed Gulf Clan, the country’s largest drug gang. Suga Dairo Antonio David, also known as Otoniel, the purported commander of the Gulf Clan, was extradited from Colombia to the United States last month and faces charges in three federal courts.

Colombian President Iván Duque declared following the extradition that David was “the most dangerous drug trafficker in the world,” comparing him to the late former Medellin criminal cartel leader Pablo Escobar. David is thought to have been on the run for almost a decade after compromising state officials.

The anti-mafia investigators said in an English statement that the undercover operation “took another heavy tackle to one of Colombia’s most important organizations of narcos.”

€1.8 million in cash and cars suspected of being used in human trafficking were also recovered.

International arrest warrants have now been filed for 38 people in Bulgaria, Croatia, Colombia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovenia for narcotics trafficking.

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