March 29, 2023

Josh Neuman Skating


Josh Neuman Net Worth, Earnings, Career, and Death. He has recently been in the spotlight following his tragic death. Many are still in the dark about the death. However, knowing his skills and work, some of his followers showed an interest in his earnings till his death. Josh Neuman was a young American YouTuber. Aside from that, his main identity stems from his outstanding skating abilities. He was a professional downhill skateboarder who traveled the world, in short, a skating explorer. Josh Neuman used to post multiple vlogs and films on his YouTube channel about his skating races on perilous routes. His viewers thoroughly enjoyed watching those vids. He also went skydiving and lived his life to the fullest.

Knowing his skateboarding abilities from various heights and his YouTube existence, his admirers, are now curious as to what Josh Neuman’s net worth was before his death. In addition to his profession and profits, we will discuss his family, who supported his career, in this piece. Fans are also curious about the circumstances behind Josh’s untimely death. What caused that to happen? Continue reading to learn more about YouTuber and skateboarder Josh Neuman.


Josh Neuman’s Net Worth: How much money did Josh Neuman have?

Josh Neuman, a young Youtuber and Skateboarder had a net worth of $2.5 million at the time of his death, which amounted to $200,000 per year.

Josh Neuman has amassed a sizable fortune via his YouTube content creation abilities. You had no idea he earned the YouTube Golden Play Button last November. Not to mention his video production company, from which Josh Neuman is said to have earned quite a bit of money. His brand collaboration and endorsement arrangements had increased his net worth significantly. He was enjoying a peaceful existence, spending his days on his own terms.

Josh Neuman with his Car

Details About Josh Neuman’s Career and Other Facts

People have been curious about his age, family, death cause, work, etc., and his good earnings at such a young age. Let’s take a closer look into everything we know about this elite skateboarder.


What Age Is Josh Neuman? Sign of the Zodiac, Height, and Weight

Josh Neuman, a diverse and accomplished YouTuber and Skateboarder was born on August 16, 1999. He would have been 22 years old in February 2022. He was born in the United States in Charlotte, North Carolina. Josh was 5’9″ tall and 63 Kg in weight.


Details about your family and education

Chris Neuman (father) and Kristin Neuman (mother) gave birth to Josh Neuman and his sibling named Daniel Neuman. He never shared any photos of himself with his family. However, he did retain a friendly relationship with each of them. They have been very supportive of his work since he was a child.

Josh Neuman went to Marvin Ridge High School for his studies. Following that, he attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



Josh Neuman began skateboarding at the age of 12. His penchant for skateboarding, racing on perilous routes, and traveling in various locations from varying heights, had driven him insane! On March 26, 2007, he launched his YouTube account, showcasing his passion, eccentricity, and interest in skateboarding. His YouTube channel currently has over 1.19 million subscribers. If you haven’t seen any of his vids before, you should.

Josh Neuman also used to manage a video production company called NeuVision Media, which he founded in December 2018. He was also romantically involved with Fabio Wibmer. His collaborations with brands like LG, Prada, Sony, Intel, Go Pro, and others.


Relationship Situation

Josh Neuman was intimately involved with Ansley Norman, his long-term lover. Nothing much is known about her because the skateboarder kept everything private. They had, however, been dating since July 2017. They were high school classmates. Unfortunately, Josh had other commitments and was unable to join us.


Cause of Death

Josh Neuman Plane Crash

Josh Neuman was flying on a plane when it crashed somewhere in Iceland on February 4, 2022. After a few days, on February 7, he was discovered dead, approximately 121 feet under the ocean. He was discovered by submarine. His untimely death continues to astound his parents, siblings, and close family members. Please accept our condolences to his family and friends, and may his soul rest in peace.


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