March 29, 2023
Nick Briz Net Worth



Nick Briz is a YouTuber and social media celebrity known for filming videos of himself playing basketball games against strangers in municipal courts and parks. Since he originally joined YouTube, he has amassed over 650,000 subscribers. Nick Briz net worth is expected to reach around $400,000 by 2022.

Full Name Nick Briz
Birth Date July 22, 1995
Birth Place Oviedo, Florida
Profession Youtuber and Social Media Personality
Relationship Status Single (probably)
Net Worth $400,000

Nick Briz Early Years

Nick was born in Oviedo, Florida, on July 22, 1995. He attended Hagerty High School. It is unclear whether Nick continued his schooling at university.

Nick Briz Net Worth and Career

Nick began uploading on his YouTube account in 2018. However, his most recent video was posted in January 2020, indicating that he has made some significant adjustments. This was a video of him playing basketball on a community court in Florida with some strangers and his friends.

Over the year, Nick began to produce other videos with a similar concept. His videos usually receive approximately 1 million views and frequently have dramatic titles, such as strangers he played against trying to start a brawl.

However, his popularity on YouTube has consistently increased to over 650k in such a short period because the video titles are not clickbait. In some of his films, there are true moments of strangers he is playing against beginning fights with him over the game.

Though most of the films show just encounters during the game’s flow, some footage depicts actual fights. Some videos show him getting into a battle with another player, which leads to the entire group of the person banding together and battling him.

Nick has also been active on Instagram, where he has over 550,000 followers, and on TikTok, where he has the highest followers, with over 800,000 now. His YouTube videos have already been seen over 45 million times. The controversy that permeates most of his videos has helped to make his accounts popular.

His expanding fame has led to the inclusion of additional notable personalities in his games. In one of his TikTok videos, he is seen playing basketball with Snoop Dogg, a prominent rapper.

Nick enjoys basketball and is very excellent at it. His main strength is dunking, which is also one of the main reasons that his videos are so popular. However, it appears Nick is not pursuing basketball as a career but rather plays and records games as a pleasure.

Other than making these videos, what he does for a living is unknown.

Nick Briz Private Life

Even though Nick often releases films regarding his basketball games, there are no recordings of his daily life. He is not currently in a relationship.

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Nick Briz Net Worth

Nick Briz’s net worth is believed to be $400,000. He most likely has a full-time job to support himself and his expenditures because Nick hasn’t commercialized his videos much despite receiving millions of views over the years.


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