March 29, 2023

Shinzo Abe's Final Farewell


On Tuesday, family and close friends gathered in Tokyo for the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Final Farewell, 57th prime minister of Japan. Thousands gathered on the city streets to pay their last respects four days after his assassination shocked the world.


Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Final Farewell


Abe’s widow, Akie Abe, hosted a private funeral at the centuries-old Zojoji Temple. Well-wishers gathered outside to pay their condolences to Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, carrying flowers, letters, and green tea – emblems of afterlife assistance.

Following the service, important structures such as the Prime Minister’s office and the Parliament building passed a hearse transporting the former leader’s body from the temple to the Kirigaya Funeral Hall for cremation.

People gathered in the streets for Shinzo Abe’s Final Farewell to get a sight of the hearse. As the car passed, many people waved and lifted their arms in the air, while others nodded in respect.

People gathered in the streets For Shinzo Abe's Final Farewell


Akie Abe rode in the hearse’s front seat, bowing to the audience as they paid their respects. She was carrying an ancestral tablet, a sign of the afterlife.

Millions worldwide were shocked and outraged when Abe was gunned down in broad daylight at a campaign address in Nara, Japan’s capital, on Friday.

Police are investigating the shooting. Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, was apprehended at the scene but has yet to face formal charges.

The brutality of Abe’s death has shocked millions in Japan, a country with one of the world’s lowest gun violence rates.

Nancy Snow, a former Abe Fellow and Fulbright Scholar in Japan, said that Abe was “the country brand face of Japan.”

“My heart fell when I discovered his fatal injuries and eventual death,” she stated. “As someone in international relations, you have to respect much of what he accomplished to place Japan back on the world scene, even if I can be critical of some of his policies.”

Naomi Aoki, a fan of Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, waited outside the Parliament building on Tuesday, hoping for an opportunity to say goodbye.

“He was, in my opinion, Japan’s most regarded politician. I wanted to say my final goodbyes, and I was off work today. He has had a substantial impact on my life, “Aoki stated.

“I don’t believe his death will be in vain. People worldwide will be affected by what he accomplished throughout his life.”


Shinzo Abe’s Term and Recognition


Shinzo Abe is Japan’s longest-serving ex-Prime Minister, having held the position two times. He rose to importance during the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro when he clothed up as Mario Bros to be authorized for the organization of the event in the country’s capital.

How much money is Shinzo Abe’s worth?

While calculating his net worth is incredibly difficult, different sources, like and, estimate his fortune at roughly $10 million, with the majority of it coming from his revenue from his public posts.

His second term began in 2012. Abe was elected due to his capacity to lead the national economy, which had suffered under past administrations, and to implement public administration initiatives known as “Abenomics.”

To assess his wealth, he is estimated to have a monthly salary of more than $70,000 and an annual income of more than $1 million.


The “Abenomics” economic policy

Shinzo Abe was first elected Prime Minister in 2006, making him the youngest Prime Minister since World War II. After only one year in office, he quit owing to what he described as health difficulties.

During his second term (2012–2020), he led the country’s economic recovery on three pillars: monetary easing, more public spending stimulus, and structural reform.


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