January 31, 2023

Before Viewing the Answer for Today’s Wordle #446, September 8, 2022. You can click here to check for hints rather than a spoiler. 


Today’s Wordle game #446 is only a little tricky as a letter repeats itself which is not very common. Though the letter repeating itself is a common one. Although It might take you an extra attempt to solve it, the difficulty level is not so high. Scroll Down to check the answer revealed to me as I played it.


The Second Letter in Today’s Wordle is L. 

Today I started my wordle #446 with the word SLIME as it has 2 vowels I & E and a few common Consonants in it. I hit the mark on target with the Letter L for second place. It also gave me a hint that the alphabet S comes in at 3rd, 4th or 5th place. But it did not reveal any vowels which was a problem. Here is the outcome below :


Second Letter Wordle #446


The Fourth Letter in Today’s Wordle is also S.

For my second attempt, I wanted to find the righteous place for Letter S and a vowel for my Wordle of the Day. Now the Letter S cannot come in immediate succession to the letter L if it is in 2nd place. So, I wanted to try S in 4th or 5th place. So I tried the Word FLUSH next. Here is the outcome below :

fourth Letter Wordle #446


The Third Letter in Today’s Wordle is A. 

I was now down by 2 attempts but I still didn’t have any vowels for my Wordle Today. But I knew it wasn’t I, E or U. It could only be A or O. I was now desperate to figure out which. With a Few negated common letters my options were dropping down fast. I chose BLAST as my next option.


Third Letter Wordle #446


The First Letter in Today’s Wordle is C and Fifth is S.

With _LAS_ as my potential word and all the list of negated letters that i had tried. I had barely any options left. I could either try CLASS or GLASS.


The Answer for Today’s Wordle #446 is CLASS.

Given what I had, I thought of Trying the word CLASS as my fourth attempt and BINGO, it was a hit. 

Here is the outcome below :


Answer of Wordle #446


Hope You enjoyed playing the game Today.

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