January 31, 2023
Hints and Answer For Wordle

Wordle is the fastest-growing online word game with a huge fan following. It has become one of the World’s most popular and searched online games.

The New York Times-owned game has become even more popular than its legendary Crossword Puzzle.

It’s a free-to-play game, and a new version comes up daily on NY Times Website, so a lot of people around the World have made it a part of their routine to play a fast game on a daily basis.

Wordle is a fresh, entertaining, and engaging game. It provides a daily problem to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. It arrives with a new word daily, and individuals use it to compete amongst their friends with their winning streaks.

This Game is the most engaging word puzzle available online today. It has become an absolute favorite among word enthusiasts in the World.

This is a free online word game that anyone can play by going to the official website of The New York Times. It improves your language skills and vocabulary in English.

It is an exciting word game with a few unique features that makes it a favorite in the race amongst its peers.

  • A user can only play one puzzle per day.
  • The Game is reset daily at midnight in your current time zone.
  • Every player around the globe solves the same puzzle every day.
  • Users can post their streak on social media without giving away the Answer.

How do you play the Wordle Game?

Now, if you’re wondering how to play this awesome Game, let’s discuss it here.

As a player, your task is to guess a correct five-letter word displayed on the screen. The Game gives you a total of six attempts to guess the correct word. As you guess in each attempt, the algorithm will tell you which of your picked letters is in the ultimate goal word.

The Game also tells you whether the letters are in the correct location or not. And you keep guessing to finish the Game. Keep in mind that this Game will give you only six attempts.

Click here to play the Original Game by NYTimes.

If you are learning to play Wordle, Check the Rules below :

  • You need to guess a five-letter word to win the Game. The Game comes up with a new word every day.
  • You must guess the word in six tries, or you fail.
  • When you enter a word in every attempt, the game algorithm marks the letter as gray if the letter does not fit anywhere in the Answer.
  • A letter will turn yellow if it fits in the Answer but not in the same position.
  • A letter will turn green if it fits in the Answer at the same position.
  • The Game will never have more than one Answer.
  • Letters might appear twice or even thrice at times in a word, but it is uncommon to see a letter appearing three times in a word.

Wordle maintains track of how often its users have played the Game. It records the win and loss rate of the player, known as their streak. The Game has become quite famous for its winning streak among many users. You can share your results with anyone through any social media platform.

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FAQ for Wordle :

Does everyone get the same Wordle?

Yes, Everyone gets the same Game across the World.

Can you use the same letter twice in Wordle? or Does this Game repeat letters?

Yes, the letter can be repetitive in the Answer as it is the combination of five letters forming a correct word.

Where to play Wordle?

You must visit the NYTimes official website to play the Game.

Is Wordle Free to Play?

Yes, it is free to play.

Do I have to download Wordle to Play? or Is there an app for it?

No, the original NYT wordle does not have any mobile OS-based app. Many copycat games have apps. But the original NYT is playable on their official website. Even playable on browsing your mobile phone.

How much did Wordle sell for?

The Game was sold for $3M. Also, the cost recovered within a year with the number of playing users.

What does Yellow Letter mean in Wordle?

Yellow Box means the letter you entered in today’s Game is correct but in the wrong spot as per the day’s Answer. Keeping track of these letters is vital as it gives you a hint of what word you can try next.

Is it important to keep track of Gray Letters?

When you try a word, Letters that do not fit anywhere in Wordle of the day turn gray. Tracking these letters is important as it limits the options of words you can try.

How to play Wordle on iPhone?

You can go to Safari (the default iOS browser) or install chrome and search NYT Wordle. Choose the official New York Times Website to play the current version.

How to win Wordle every time?

If you follow the rules in the correct way, as described above, you can win it every time.

Does Wordle use plurals?

Yes, the Game does use plurals.

How Many Modes does Wordle have?

The Game has two modes first is Normal mode, and the second is Hard mode. In the Hard mode, you cannot ignore the hints shown in the previous try.

How to share wordle results?

Once you finish with the subsequent guesses of the word. A statistics pop-up window appears where you got the share button. Just click on it, and your result gets copied to your clipboard, which you can share on any social media platform or through any messaging app.

When will I get the next Wordle?

Once you finish with the current day Game, your statistics pop-up window will show you a cool-down period you have to wait until the next playtime. Generally, the Game appears at midnight in each country as per their time zones.

What is the best word to start with, Wordle?

The best way to choose the word to start with is words containing at least two vowels and most regular consonants like S, O, R, I, L, T, etc. Those could be CRANE, RAISE, STARE, ROATE, etc. There is no secret word you can try before playing any day’s Game.

My Wordle Game is not loading. What Should I do?

Don’t worry. The Game is still on. Here are some tips on How to Fix if the screen goes blank. You can follow the below process suggested as per your browsers :

  • For Chrome: Go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Cookies and other site data > See all cookies and site data. Type “NYTimes” in the search bar and “Remove all Shown”
  • For Safari: Go to Safari>Preferences>Privacy tab>Manage Website Data option. Type “NYTimes” in the search bar and “Remove”
  • For iPad or iPhone: Go to Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data. Type “NYTimes” in the search bar, swipe left, and “Delete”

What are the best Wordle alternatives?

There are a lot of imitations and replacements available on the internet and app store that may provide entertainment as you wait for your original Game to reset for the next day.

  • Quordle
  • Octordle
  • Kilordle
  • Heardle
  • Framed
  • Hurdle
  • Waffle
  • Squabble
  • Worldle
  • Adverswordle
  • Absurdle
  • SWordle

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