March 29, 2023
Berlin Marathon 2022 Poster

Berlin Marathon 2022 Results: Eliud Kipchoge, a Kenyan, won the Berlin Marathon with a time of 2:01:09. This was faster than his previous record time of 2:01:39, which he set in the German capital in 2018.

Kipchoge, 37, has won two Olympic gold medals won the 15th marathon of his 17-marathon career. This win supports his claim that he is the best runner in history over 26.2 miles.

His pace wasn’t the best. Kipchoge slowed down in the second half. He ran the second 13.1 miles in 61:18, after running the first 13.1 miles in 59:51. He still beat Mark Korir of Kenya by 4:49.

Tigist Assefa of Ethiopia won the women’s race at 2:15:37, the third-fastest time ever. Brigid Kosgei (2:14:14, Chicago, 2019) and Paula Radcliffe (2:15:25, London, 2003) are the only ones who have gone faster.

The top seed, Keira D’Amato, who holds the American record, came in sixth with a time of 2:21:48.

participants running at Berlin Marathon 2022

The men’s marathon world record has been broken the last eight times on the flat streets of Berlin. In 2003, Kenyan Paul Tergat was the first man to finish the race in less than 2:05.

In 2014, Kenyan Dennis Kimetto set the world record at 2:02:57. Kipchoge broke it for the first time four years later. The following year, Kipchoge was the first person to run 26.2 miles in less than two hours. He did this in a show, not a race, so it didn’t count as a record.

Kipchoge wants to be the first runner to win three Olympic marathon titles when the games are held in Paris in 2024. He also wants to win the six World Marathon Majors held yearly. He’s done four of them. The only ones he hasn’t done yet are Boston (in April) and New York City (run every November).

FAQ about Berlin Marathon 2022


What date is the Berlin Marathon 2022?

The 48th Berlin Marathon will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2022. It is the first of four World Marathon Majors events that will take place over the next six weeks. It has the Elite Platinum Label.


How hard is it to get into Berlin Marathon?

It can be hard to get into the race because the good for age time, which is 2.45 for men, is one of the toughest.


Who won Berlin Marathon today?

Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya broke his marathon world record by running the Berlin race in 2 hours, 1 minute, and 9 seconds to win.


Can anyone run the Berlin Marathon?

Enrolling as an AIMS-Certified Fast Runner, signing up with a charity partner or tour operator, or registering through the lottery system if you are over 18 years old.


Where does the Berlin Marathon start and end?

The BMW BERLIN MARATHON course starts and ends at the Brandenburg Gate in the middle of Berlin. The 42-kilometer-long course through the capital is the world’s longest fan park.


What is the hardest marathon to run?

Most people agree that the Inca Trail Marathon is the most challenging in the world.


What is the most prestigious marathon in the world?

The Boston Marathon (April) is One of the world’s oldest and most well-known marathons and is also one of the most popular. In 1897, the first Boston Marathon was held. It was sparked by the return of the marathon to the Olympics in 1896.


How many people run in the Berlin Marathon?

This year, the people in charge of SCC EVENTS expect more than 45,000 runners from around 150 countries.


What’s the winning price in Berlin Marathon 2022?

The elite running and wheelchair races are part of the World Marathon Majors, a yearly series of top-level races with a $1 million prize purse.



Eliud Kipchoge broke the men’s world record for the Berlin Marathon. He ran the race in 2:01:09, which is faster than ever before. It was his 15th marathon of his 17-marathon career. Tigist Assefa of Ethiopia won the women’s race at 2:15:37.



  1. Kipchoge, Eliud (KEN) – 2:01:09
  2. Korir, Mark (KEN) – 2:05:58
  3. Abate, Tadu (ETH) – 2:06:28
  4. Belihu, Andamlak (ETH) – 2:06:40
  5. Kipchumba, Abel (KEN) – 2:06:49


  1. Marcel Hug (SUI) — 1:24:56
  2. Daniel Romanchuk (USA) — 1:28:54
  3. David Weir (GBR) — 1:29:02
  4. Jetze Plat (NED) — 1:29:06
  5. Sho Watanabe (JPN) — 1:32:44



  1. Assefa, Tigist (ETH) – 2:15:37
  2. Wanjiru, Rosemary (KEN) – 2:18:00
  3. Abayechew, Tigist (ETH) – 2:18:03
  4. Edesa, Workenesh (ETH) – 2:18:51
  5. Gola, Sisay Meseret (ETH) – 2:20:58



  1. Catherine Debrunner (SUI) — 1:36:47
  2. Manuela Schar (SUI) — 1:36:50
  3. Susannah Scaroni (USA) — 1:36:51
  4. Merle Menje (GER) — 1:43:34
  5. Aline dos Santos Rocha (BRA) — 1:43:35


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