March 29, 2023
Answer for Wordle

Wordle is one of the highest-played online word games in the world. Read more for the Hints and Answer for Wordle 474, October 06.

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Hints for Wordle 474, October 06, 2022.

Today’s Wordle game 474 is a straightforward one to solve. The alphabets are common and the word of the day is not too complex as well. So, it should not be too difficult. The difficulty level today is easy. An average player should be easily able to guess the correct word in today’s puzzle. Scroll Down to see the hints for today’s Wordle and check the answer revealed to me as I played it.


Today’s Wordle 474 Has 1 Vowel.

No Letter Repeats Itself in Wordle 474.

Today’s Wordle 474 is a noun.

The First Letter of today’s wordle is S.

The Last Letter of today’s wordle is H.


Answer for Wordle 474, October 06, 2022.

Answer For Wordle 474, October 06

Answer – SLOTH.


Answer for Wordle 473, October 05, 2022, yesterday’s Wordle.

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